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True Forex Tools

For Forex Trading

Helpful tools for forex trading

Below the list of helpful tools that will help you beat the market or make you more successful in forex trading.

Matrix Grid Trading CE >>

MGTCE it's automated Expert Advisor (Trading Robot) for Metatrader 4 that will automatically generate money for you. Matrix Grid Trading CE after huge interest on ForexFactory already used by thousands traders worldwide.

TFT True Levels >>

Want to know where the actual other traders limit orders and levels of support and resistance? This is what you need. Based on data from banks (brokers).

TFT True Trend Indicator >>

Simple indicator for 7 major currency pairs, that is used in MGTCE for trend detection. You will know the current strength of the trend. Based on real traders activity worldwide.

Want to add your own tool here?

You have created great tool and want share it? Help people around the world to earn some money for their families. Send it to me, if it's a really useful tool for traders, I'll be pleasure to add it here.